What is Family Home Evening

Leaders of The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints have instructed members to set aside Monday night as "family home evening." This is a time for families to study the gospel together and to do other activities that strengthen the family spiritually, create family memories, and increase unity and love. To learn more visit this website.

Why Family Home Evening

"I wonder if having unplanned and infrequent family home evenings will be enough to fortify ourselves and our children with sufficient moral strength to meet the complexities of our day. Infrequent family scripture study may be inadequate to arm ourselves and our children with the virtue necessary to withstand the moral decay of the environment in which we live. Where in the world will we learn chastity, integrity, honesty, and basic human decency if not at home? These values will, of course, be reinforced at church, but teaching them in family home evening can be particularly consistent and effective. To combat the world's evil influences, we need the strength that comes from family home evening."

James E. Faust, “Enriching Our Lives through Family Home Evening,” Ensign, Jun 2003, 2–6

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Young Women Quotes

During the Spring of 2008 I felt compelled to compile a daily calender with quotes from leaders of the Church pertaining to youth for my dd. I used Publisher to create this collection, dividing a page into quarters. Each quote has it's own background image using one of the colors from the Young Women Values. After I printed out the pages, back to back, and divided the pages in half I took them to a local print shop where they bound them to the stand I had made for it. The stand was a box of crackers (because the fold was a perfect width and didn't require that I make my own folds) that I cut to the size of the pages and then the pages were bound to it. The whole project was a very daunting task, yet very worth it.

Because each quote often took all the room I had alloted for quote space there was not room for the source. Furthermore, I would use the same article for many quotes... sometimes, I would even use the ENTIRE article somewhere within the entire collection. So, I have a source list at the very end of the calendar. I had read so many articles pertaining to youth and the councel that our leaders have given them that I learned quite a bit about that organization, the expectations and counsel provided to them, and the love that our Church leaders have for them.

When I finished the calendar I presented it to her as a gift. She must like it because she is always making sure that she reads what it has to share each day. This was my original intention. I wanted her to have a daily reminder of specific counsel for youth that could serve as a strength and guidance throughout the year. It turned out to be that and more.

There have been three examples of it's use thus far. First, one day she was having trouble with a specific situation in her life. I don't even remember what it was. Something told me to check the calendar to see what it said that day. It just so happened that she hadn't yet flipped it to the current date. When I did so it turned out to be the EXACT council from a leader that pertained to that situation. I referred her to the calendar.

Then, by mid-summer I was called as YW president. The research I conducted to create the calendar provided some excellent training to understand the councel and direction provided for the youth, especially considering I had never gone through the YW program myself.

Third, but not finally as I am confident that I will continue to find additional blessings from this project, as I prepared an activity for the YW and needed quotes from our Church leaders I simply did a "ctrl" + "F" to find what I had already previously collected... and, even had multiple choices from which to choose.

This document is a list of all of the quotes and below are all of the sources. YES! I had read ALL of these and a few more. Toward the end of this quest I became addicted to the CES Firesides and overwhelmed with the amount of information and councel they had to offer. Again, what perfect training for a future YW leader. This list will allow you that same training and spiritual blessings while perhaps something specific will stand out to you for your own youth. Where available, the links are provided.

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